Many problems in the US economy can be solved by only taxing income once.

John R. Lott, Jr. is the President of the Crime Prevention Research Center, a columnist for Fox news, author of At the Brink: Will Obama Push Us Over the Edge?, Freedomnomics: Why the Free Market Works and other Half-Baked Theories Don’t, Debacle: Obama’s War on Jobs and Growth and What We Can Do to Regain Our Future and More Guns, Less Crime: Understanding Crime and Gun Control Laws and others. He also writes a blog which focuses on a broad array of economic and crime related issues.

Key Takeaways:

Jason’s Editorial:

[2:01] Big news: An upward spiral in real estate pricing due to the Fed keeping interest rates low.

[6:28] The terrorist tragedy in Istanbul, Turkey.

[8:55] Real estate is scarce by its nature and we are currently in the middle of an inventory shortage.

John R. Lott, Jr. Guest Interview:

[12:11] An overview of where the economy is headed and where should we place our concerns?

[17:09] How to make sense of the jobs creation rate versus the unemployment rate.

[18:51] Is the US truly in a recovery or are we just bouncing back from 2008?

[21:30] Why doesn’t a stimulus package create more jobs and higher wages?

[26:53] The US is the one country that taxes corporations who have already paid taxes in another country.

[29:22] An explanation of the hypocrisy of the Buffett Rule.

[34:31] Contact information for John R. Lott, Jr.

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Job growth numbers are skewed due to many people making 30-40% less than they made in their previous positions.

We are picky about finding you the best properties out there because you only get one chance to build a reputation.

Normally, the worse the recession the stronger and faster the economic growth is afterward but not this time.

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