Date: September 10-11, 2016

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Time: 9:00am-6:00pm

Price: $297/person (early bird)

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Investment Property Event

all-divider-02bThe 2 keys to successful investing: Knowledge + action, together in one weekend.

Streamline your investment portfolio & maximize
your return on investment

We are coining this event, “The Busy Investor Event,” because it is for individuals who are busy with their day-to-day lives but know they need to take the plunge and build their real estate investment portfolio.

Take the guesswork out of finding the best real estate investment. Let Jason Hartman show you the factors that real estate pros use to compare different properties and mortgage options.

Get the software and tools to quickly and easily analyze potential investments, and the opportunity to purchase real property in various markets nationwide, ALL IN ONE WEEKEND.

Now you can invest with confidence by choosing the best investment!

Highlights of this all new event:

Property Evaluator

1. Free Software Subscription

  • Attendees are given a complimentary six month subscription to our Property Tracker software that takes the guesswork out of finding the best real estate investment. It shows you all of the factors that real estate pros use to compare different properties and mortgage options in a simple report. Now you can invest with confidence by choosing the best investment!

    Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 2.14.12 PM

  • As an investor with this software you will be more efficient, have greater flexibility with fewer flaws, more time, and financial peace of mind.

    Real Estate Investing Software

Venture Alliance Members are FREE 

(please contact your investment counselor if you have not yet reserved your seat)

$100 add-on ticket option for one guest upon checkout.

Simple to use. secure interface. sophisticated results.

2. First Hand Case Studies & Role Playing

  • Next, you will have the opportunity to “role play” through some real-life investor scenarios. Ask questions about what hesitations you have about buying income property in today’s market.
    • Many exercises will be interactive to take the concepts from theory into reality.
    • Learn how to conduct scenario asset analysis for your properties.

3. Purchase Property from an Exclusive List of Turnkey Homes

  • The third and final opportunity brought you to at this event is… BUYING INCOME PROPERTY! Yes, that is right. You can purchase your investment from one of our top Local Market Specialists™ (LMS) throughout the weekend while you are face-to-face with the experts themselves.


When the weekend is over, you will come away with the ability to analyze properties using efficient software tools + acquire properties to build out your financial independence portfolio. With these tools in your arsenal, you can be confident on your journey toward financial independence.

The time is quickly approaching, so seize this opportunity to become a part of the 1% of investors who understand real estate at a higher level.

Early bird pricing is available and will escalate as the event draws near. Seating is limited, so be certain to secure your spot today.



Outline of Events

Opening: Jason presents core transactional and management best practices

Software Presentation Highlights (summary of all 3)

  • Hands on demonstration of HOW to use the apps/software
  • Learn WHICH variables can be adjusted and WHY

Understand the REASONING behind different types of analysis

  • WHY certain metrics are important to track
  • Empower you to optimize your own portfolio using DATA

Presentation #1 – iOS Apps

  • Demonstration of the app
  • Enter a pro forma into the app
  • Purchase analysis

Explain which assumptions/variables to play with and WHY, i.e. interest rate, vacancy, maintenance, LTV, rent rate.

Look at different scenarios from worst case to very optimistic

Jason Hosts Local Market Specialist Panel #1

Presentation #2 – SaaS Software Tools

  • Have participants input an actual pro forma date an attending Local Market Specialist - LIVE
  • Explain the new Closing Disclosure Form (formerly the HUD-1)

Which costs are depreciable vs. deductible and why

  • Input Income and Expenses from a monthly statement from property manager.
  • Show different reports

Schedule E

Lease Calendar

Presentation #3 - Spreadsheet Magic

  • Demonstrate how to export data and import into Numbers or Excel and create charts and graphs
  • Explain the reasoning behind analyzing certain data vs. another
  • Explain which metrics are important to pay attention to
  • Show how to use this data to improve your portfolio’s performance

Jason Hosts Local Market Specialist Panel #2


Saturday & Sunday, SEPTEMBER 10-11,2016  •  9:00-6:00pm  •  Phoenix, Arizona

Price: $297/ticket